Hall Rental

Interested in renting space in our building?  

With very reasonable rates and two functional spaces available to rent, our facility is just what you have been looking for, no matter the event!


Our first space is located on the upper level of the building and has a maximum capacity of 200. It would be perfect for a Stag & Doe, an intimate wedding reception, a bridal shower, baby shower, Communion or Baptism celebration.  There is a full kitchen and bar, tables with chairs, a disco ball and washrooms.  

wedding upper


Our second space is located on the lower level of the building.  It has been described as a very "cozy" space, ideal for family get togethers.  The space features arm chairs, a television, tables with chairs, a pool table, a full bar and washrooms.  So, if your family is a bit too large to have them all comfortably in your home, simply invite them to our hall, where you will get all the comforts of home, with a lot more space than home!

lower bar

pool table

Lower Hall


We are located at 6101 North Street, Niagara Falls.  Simply click the address highlighted above for further clarification regarding our location.



To obtain further information regarding hall rental, simply call our Booking Chairman at at 905-351-0400, or fill out and submit the "Contact Us" form that is available on this site!